Purchase Management

Achieve the highest cost and cash flow effectiveness by selecting the best offering from different suppliers, negotiating the most favorable payment and discount terms with selected suppliers, and purchasing the demand just in required time and quality. Strongly integrate purchasing with sales, production and warehousing in order to leverage the synergy of whole supply chain system
Supplier Relationship Management Full tracking of supplier profile and selling behaviors for directing efficient purchase negotiation towards best offerings.
Purchase Requisition Generate, approve and track the purchase requisition for rejection of unnecessary requisition and prompt responsive to on-demand requisition
Order Promising Increase accuracy of promised orders with customers based on the various inventory schemes (available-to-promise and/or capable-to-promise).
Purchase Order /Contract Generate and manage the purchase order/contract to ensure legal and mutually benefitable commitments from suppliers.
Supplier Invoice Efficiently manage the supplier billing in accordance with financial arrangement with suppliers and the internal cash flow policies.
Account Payable management and Payment Allocation Tools and techniques to manage the account payables and payment to suppliers to minimize the working capital plugged in account payables.
Purchases-Account Payable Analysis
Various management analytics through in-depth reports and/or visual charts to convert the raw information into friendly available and understandable for different management levels. 
E-commerce requirements Open business through Internet internally to employees for remote management or externally to the suppliers for strengthened interaction

(*): More functions and features are always updating with GMC ExpertERP
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